Upper Maury River

Maury River

James River Gorge

Alone Mill to Jordan's Point

If you can catch this section of river with enough water in it to get our boat down then you are in for a real treat. By the time midsummer rolls around there’s hardly enough water here to float a cork but with a little luck most of March, April, and May are good to go. And when we say it’s good to go what we mean is IT’S GOOD TO GO as you will get to find out what a few lucky locals already know: that this section of the Maury is an absolute delight with only a few signs of development, huge cliff faces, and impressive amounts of flora and fauna. This is a true wilderness experience right in the heart of the valley only minutes from downtown Lexington. The trip is approximately 5.5 miles and can vary from 2-4 hours of on water time depending on the desires of the group.


Cost: $280 *

*Costs include guide and up to 4-5 people

Beans Bottom to Jordan’s Point


This is another spring and early summer trip that typically continues to run for a few weeks after the upstream trip dries up. It a short and sweet trip that can be done as a quick before dinner outing or you could bring along some inner tubes and your favorite food and drink to make a day out of it. With the takeout practically in downtown Lexington the convenience is unbeatable. This is a unique trip as the first two thirds of the run are defined by impressive rock formations and a particularly beautiful cascading stream entering the river in a mostly wild setting. By the end of the trip you are approaching a popular residential area for students attending one of the nearby colleges. We have seen everything on this trip from deer, ducks, and eagles to streaking co-eds. As we said, a unique trip! Two miles and anywhere from 1-4 hours on the water.

Cost: $150-$250 *



*  Costs include guide and up to 4-5 people.

Rockbridge Baths to Alone Mill

Truly a trip for the opportunist among us, this one is hard to catch with enough flow but well worth it for those with patience and a flexible schedule. It’s got all the sheer beauty and wilderness elements of the Alone Mill to Bean’s Bottom stretch but with the added bonus of numerous fun bouncy class II & III rapids. If you want to get a taste of some of the thrills the bateaux men of the 1800’s experienced transporting their goods downriver then this is the trip for you. For the most part it’s an experience for the heartier among us as the most consistent flows are in the colder months but let’s be clear about one thing- if you find yourself lucky enough to be bouncing down the upper Maury on a brisk spring day after a recent rain you will not be regretting your decision to live it up! This trip is approximately 8.5 miles with 2.5-4 hours on the water.

Cost: $280 *

*  Costs include guide and up to 4-5 people

Okay, so you’ve got enough geographical knowledge to realize the mighty James flows through the valley between Lexington and Roanoke and you know the James flows through Lynchburg and Richmond on its way to the Chesapeake Bay. But wait, what about that solid chain of mountains known as the Blue Ridge- how did it get through those??? Well, Rockbridge River Tours would like to show you personally by taking you through the James River Gorge which lies in the southeastern corner of Rockbridge county, just beyond the sleepy little town of Glasgow. Here is what many people find to be some of the most picturesque river scenery in the entire state. Sure we could argue over this, particularly those of you who have already done a trip on the upper Maury with us. But let’s not argue, instead let’s just sit back and enjoy a classic stretch of river that’s navigable most of the summer and be thankful this gem is only a half hours drive from downtown Lexington. While many would consider this a whitewater trip from the vantage point of a canoe or kayak, from the safety of our stable raft this is really just another great lazy float with enough moving water to excite the kids. However, it can certainly trend towards whitewater after a good rain. An added bonus of this trip is the fact it flows through National Forest lands, allowing ample opportunity for side exploration as we proceed downriver. This trip is approximately 5.5 miles and can be enjoyed as a fairly quick 2-3 hour trip or milked for an all day affair with plenty of time for exploring side channels, checking out old canal walls and picnicking on giant mid-river boulders.

Cost: $320-440*

* Costs include guide and up to 4-5 people